Top 10 Cat Breeds

Cat Breeds: Do you want to adopt a cat? The process can be a bit daunting but is well worth it when you think about the loving, furry cat you will add to your family. Find a local rescue group near you. There are many ways to find a local rescue group near you as well.

Cat Breeds

These are just some of the feline breeds that most people would associate with being very affectionate. This could not be further from the truth. All of these cats have something special about them. When it comes to personality, there is not a better breed than any of these to add to your loving, devoted home. Each of these breeds can provide the unique personality needed for a unique individual.

Cat Breeds

Maine Coon

Many characteristics of the Maine Coon can be seen in a Maine Coon cat, including a long and sleek coat that is shiny and somewhat coarse. The legs of a Maine Coon will be well-groomed and have relatively high arches, providing the cat with a good muscular appearance. However, the Maine Coon cat’s most notable feature is the cat’s extremely sweet and intelligent attitude. 

The cat has a personality similar to that of a pug, which means that the new owner must be prepared to deal with a feline that will often take to strangers quite readily. A new owner of a Maine Coon must therefore be prepared to teach the cat socialization skills and learn how to handle various other aspects of the household.

Cat Breeds

Ragdoll Cat

This cute little black cat has been known by many names throughout the years. Some people call him “Tiny”, others “Slimy”, and still others “Elegant”. Ragdoll kittens have even been called the “Ragdoll Stray”. Regardless of the name, this sweet little black kitten sure does make for a great addition to your family. He will make a wonderful pet, as well, but you’ll want to start training him at an early age so he doesn’t turn into a bit of a troublemaker.

If you think the Ragdoll cat might be too skittish to go outside, you might want to reconsider. This sweet little guy is actually quite safe to take outside. When in search of loose items of fur, this cat will simply scurry along to get at what he deems to be harmless. Since he’s not overly vocal about his intentions, you’re unlikely to run into any problems while owning this cat.

Perhaps the most important aspect of caring for a Maine Coon cat is paying attention to the health and welfare of the animal. Many people are quick to look at breed problems, but they should not be ignored. The Maine Coon cat can suffer many medical issues, including kidney failure, liver disease, congenital eye defects, skin and hair problems, heart disease, and obesity. 

Cat owners concerned about their cat’s health should ensure that it goes to see the vet regularly. A good rule of thumb is to bring your cat to the vet every six months or so.

Scottish Fold

Despite all its defects, the Scottish Fold cat has one redeeming quality – the great sweet temperament. These kittens and cats have extremely high intelligence and are very responsive to the people around them. This is why it’s so popular as a house pet. They’re also very affectionate and respectful toward their human owners.

Most reputable breeders and fanciers are also very knowledgeable about the genetics of the Scottish Fold. This is why they only sell healthy animals. Any mix of genes that would result in a possible health issue should be removed at the gene pool stage. It’s possible to find out if a particular animal is purebred, thanks to its parents and grandparents, where most Scottish Fold breeders and fanciers get their information from. 


Cat Breeds


Most Siamese is purebred and has pedigrees, but just because they are ‘purebred’ doesn’t mean they all have the same personality. While the siam breed of cats is known for their blue eyes, they are also known for their sweet temper and high intelligence. While many siam species come with blue eyes, they are a very rare breed and are found in only 1% of purebred seams. Because of this, blue eyes in a siam are very unusual, and Siamese with blue eyes are very special.

Although Siamese is primarily thought of as good watchdogs, they also have a playful nature and enjoy playing and chasing around small animals and toys. Like most Siamese, they have short, sturdy coats that keep them cool and reduce the risk of skin problems and hair loss. 

They tend to have well-balanced personalities and are usually very affectionate towards their human companions. Some breeds, such as the British Blue, are somewhat prone to have problems with separation anxiety and can become depressed if not properly exercised.

Cat Breeds

American Shorthair

While most American Shorthair cats have a very dense coat, some have a less thick coat that still looks very appealing. However, the less dense jacket can make it more susceptible to matting, scratching, and denting. The most common problem with American Shorthairs is matting due to continual shedding. It happens because the animals’ fur has not been genetically conditioned to shed; therefore, they are left with excessive loose hair stuck in the carpet or drapes.

American Shorthairs have a reputation for being very affectionate toward their owners, making any pet get along great with this breed. It should go without saying that these cats are quite vocal, and any time they start to meow or howl, they don’t want anyone to disturb them. If you have other pets, be sure to take them out of the house until your Shorthairs are fully grown. Otherwise, your pet may growl at other cats and dogs and cause them to develop anxiety.

Cat Breeds


The coat of the Persian cat has been known to carry common health problems like Hypothyroidism. Hypertrophic scars may also occur along with luxating patellae, and the face may be red, square-shaped, or a combination of colors. Poodles and German Shepherds suffer less from common health problems than purebred cats of the Persian or Domestic breeds. Grooming is a personal preference, but most breeders do not recommend brushing the coat too often.

Caring for the Persian Cat is slightly different than other breeds. Unlike most other cats, they shed their coat. Persian cats also should be bathed at least once a week, but bathing more frequently may help keep hair from matting. For cat care, you will find that they sleep very little during the day, especially if they live in a household with many people. Because of their extreme personality, 

when you are grooming your healer, you should take your time and try not to use too much pressure on the hairs, as this could cause stress and irritation.

Cat Breeds


The coat of a sphynx cat can be framed and matted. Owners should take special steps to bathe their pets regularly to prevent the matting of the skin. Regular bathing prevents matting from occurring and encourages healthy, long-growing coats. The coat is also less likely to become matted when there is plenty of body heat. In hot weather, sphynx cats may need to wear a sweater to prevent excessive sweating. Their coats will also thicken with use.

Sphynx breeds are known to have a sweet temper, making them very popular pets. However, they can become very possessive and aloof. They enjoy grooming and bathing themselves but do not like having their hair handled by anyone else. Because of this trait, this breed is very affectionate towards the owner, especially children. This coat condition is often referred to as “Spotted Hypoallergenic” or “Spottedctic.”

Cat Breeds


The Bengal cat may not be as well known as the other types of cats, but don’t let that make you think they’re any less wonderful. They are one of the oldest domesticated cats. From what we can determine, they lived in Asia Minor thousands of years ago. They survived the ice age and were able to thrive in those harsh winters. And, thanks to their long history, they can still be found today in all corners of the globe.

The Bengal is the only domestic cat breed that currently falls under the category of wild cats. Some of the others are domestic cats bred to act like or look like a different cat, such as the British cream or tabby cat. Or, more recently, domestic cats have been bred to look like a certain breed of dog.

 The Bengal cat could qualify under this category because it was probably bred to look like an Asian leopard. However, it is most likely that they aren’t the same breed, as the cats differ by a wide margin when it comes to appearance.

Exotic Shorthair

One of the most noticeable physical differences between an Exotic Shorthair and a standard breed is their coat. The shag of the common breed tends to be loose and curly, while the shag of the Shorthair is almost perfect. 

It is an important part of the breed’s temperament, as a well-cared-for Shorthair needs a coat that maintains and protects its health. An Exotic Shorthair with a “good” coat may display some nervousness, scratch, or even growl when the skin is threatened, but they are otherwise calm and sturdy.

Though the Shorthair cat is considered a rare breed, many animal shelters have begun to re-breed and raise them. Several breeders have begun offering hybrid cats in the hopes of creating a healthier breed. Hybrid cats are generally hypo-allergenic and relatively low-maintenance compared to purebred cats. With proper care and grooming, the Exotic Shorthair is a cat fit for a king.

Cat Breeds


The Burmese Cat is a very affectionate and friendly animal that requires special care from its owners to be happy. The Burmese breed is a demanding breed that can become high-maintenance with daily walks and grooming. The Burmese Cat is known to be one of the most intelligent feline species and one of the boldest. This breed is said to have the strength and vigor of a tiger and the loyalty of a dog. 

In essence, the Burmese are truly a “canine in humans.” The Burmese have blue eyes and a darkish undercoat. The coat tends to wag when the Burmese are nervous or excited. In the wild, the Burmese usually wear a green undercoat. In captivity, this breed should wear a cream undercoat. 

Because this breed is fairly rare, it is very difficult to locate the litter in the United States. Few purebred Burmese exist in the States and almost none in England. There are very few records of this breed living in the United States before World War II when British sailors were introduced. 

At that time, there was only one recognized Burmese in the entire United States. Nowadays, American breeders are trying to revive this rare breed so that it can once more be popular among cat owners worldwide. Because of their strong personality and lovely appearance, the Burmese are still somewhat uncommon.