Sous-Vide-Machines Ultra-Quiet Immersion-Circulator IPX7 Waterproof: Color LCD Recipes |G322 Black| Brushless DC motor


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  • Brand Name: KitchenBoss
  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Control Method: Touch
  • Product name: Sous vide cooker
  • Model No: G322
  • Temperature range: 104°F-194°F
  • Display accuracy: 0.1°F
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±0.54°F
  • 99 hours 59 minutes: 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Water rotation speed: 20L
  • Recommended stockpot capacity: 6-50L
  • Maximum immersion depth: 5.5inch
  • Minimum submersion depth: 2.6inch
  • Product size: 14.96(H)X3.26(W)X2.63(D)Inch
  • Package size: 16.33(D)x7.28(W)x4.33(H)Inch
  • Product Net Weight: 3.3Lb

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Sous vide tender beef

Made With Sous Vide G322, The Beef Heat Is More Tender And Has Been Tested By Several Famous Chefs In The U.S. Using The most suitable cooking time setting researched by combining various tastes.

Sous vide asparagus

Cooking asparagus at low temperature preserves the maximum amount of selenium and various nutrients it contains!

Spa Egg

Built-in spa egg making program, you just need to put the eggs in the pot and use sous vide G322 to make nutritious spa eggs

Using 3D three-dimensional spiral structure design and 3800r/min powerful motor to increase the contact area of water and propeller and high-speed rotation to increase the flow rate of water, so as to achieve the effect of rapid temperature control!

Temperature adjustment accuracy of up to 0.1 °F, more accurate than other sous vide machines, so you can enjoy the tender steak made at a constant temperature of 140 °F, you can feel the deliciousness of a fine restaurant at home!

Using IMD one-piece molding technology, double-layer adhesive film structure makes the top control panel of the product, more three-dimensional sense, more comfortable to the touch!

About this item

Color Lcd Recipe: Ultra-clear LCD display of 15 original healthy recipes created by famous restaurant chefs and five custom recipes for hot spring eggs, steaks, lamb chops, lobster, bacon, baking and other ingredients made with built-in programs recipes without overcooking, retaining more nutrients and vitamins, so you can enjoy the perfect taste of Michelin-starred chefs every time!

Brushless DC motor: G322 adopts a brushless DC motor of the same quality as the high-end UAV, with a constant rotation speed of 3800r/m, super silent, more durable, and better performance than the previous generation!

Thermostatic control system. Using high-end thermostatic control chip, 20L/m large water flow, the temperature of each position is continuously stable!Display accuracy up to 0.1°F, after 180 days of repeated testing, to ensure that every parameter is continuously stable!

Easy to clean and waterproof: The removable knob, which has been IPX7 certified waterproof, allows you to put the entire unit in the water for cleaning, allowing you to deep clean every crevice of grease.

Safe and secure: the water inlet part is made of all stainless steel (100% food-safe SUS304) construction, and the stainless steel propeller is more secure and safe to heat than the plastic propeller, Kitchenboss focuses on making sous vide safe and secure cookware!

Super water flow: The 20L/min design increases the internal circulation speed of the water, ensuring a stable temperature everywhere, so you can put up to more ingredients in one pan at the same time and not worry at all about uneven temperatures causing food to not heat up properly

In-mould decoration technology: The G322 case and panel are in-moulded, with the panel being moulded in one piece to increase the three-dimensionality and surface texture of the product, as well as enhancing the waterproofing level!

Stainless steel design: the propeller and the entire water entry part are all made of sus304 stainless steel blade, which is strong and durable, and will not cause the product's material to yellow and produce a lot of unsafe problems due to long use!

Design: The elegant look and colourful recipes make it easy to prepare delicious ingredients with sous vide. We asked an internationally renowned design team to design the appearance of the g322.

Laser-welding-technology, we use point-to-point welding technology to weld the head and body of the stainless steel sleeve, to ensure that each connection point is welded perfectly, to do a good job of every detail, so that you can use more at ease.

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