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If you want to keep your windows sparkling clean then a magnetic window glass cleaner is the best option for you. This innovative window cleaner is primarily used by professional to quickly clean the outside of windows even while remaining in their room. It actually cleans both sides of your windows at once with superior cleaning power. You can also use this device even if your windows are not opened directly. Here are some easy steps to clean your windows using this device:

magnetic window glass cleaner
Simple mode: Just spray cleaning solution onto both sides of your window at once. This is known to be the simplest and easiest to use a magnetic window cleaner read on many customer reviews. When you open the door, it opens automatically so the process is not complicated at all. The other good thing about this device is that it has a dual side arm so you can clean both the top and bottom pane of glass.

Advanced mode: The advanced mode works by using a powerful magnet to draw dirt and grime away from windows thereby effectively cleaning them. Unlike traditional cleaners, the strength of this device is much stronger because of its unique construction. This device has two cleaning pads that allows you to wipe the dirt and grime off windows safely. Many customers have raved about its performance so if you are looking for the best window cleaners that work, magnetic window cleaner should be on your list.

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