Liv Bikes: Liv Intigrue X E+1 
By Aoife Glass

Liv Bikes

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Liv Intrigue X E+ 1 frame and geometry

Giant’s range-topping SyncDrive Pro motor is at the heart of the bike, based on a Yamaha drive unit but custom-built for the Taiwanese bike brand. This delivers 80Nm max torque (slightly less than Bosch, Shimano, and Specialized’s latest motors) and up to 360 percent assistance.

The handlebar-mounted controls are easy to operate on the fly and use a simple LED system to indicate battery power and which of the five modes you’re in.

Liv has opted for a high-grade aluminum frame for all versions of the Intrigue X E+. In the UK, it’s offered in sizes XS, S, and M, covering riders from 5ft/152cm to 5ft 9in/175cm. A flip-chip allows the geometry to be steepened or slackened, although the measurements are conservative in either case.
The head tube sits at 66.5/65.8 degrees, the reach on the medium size is a relatively short 442/432mm, and the wheelbase is 1,213/1,216mm. At 472mm, even on the XS, the chainstays are very long.

Liv Bikes

This range-topping model has a Shimano XT-based build and a big 625Wh battery.
A 150mm-travel Fox 36 Performance Elite fork is paired with a matching DPX2 shock, which controls 140mm of rear bounce.
You get four-piston XT brakes, plus chunky 2.6in Maxxis Assegai and Dissector tires.

Liv Intrigue X E+ 1 first ride impressions

Overall performance is impressive. The motor kicks in quickly and smoothly and adapt as you pedal, giving an almost completely natural-feeling ride, bar the fact that you’re traveling at least twice as fast as you normally would uphill. The narrow motor helps here with a Q-factor more akin to that of a regular bike.

Those whopping chainstays provide stability on steeper climbs, but can make tighter trails tricky, especially technical descents, and mean that it’s hard to lift the front wheel over obstacles. This will be accentuated on the smaller sizes.

The high torque and near-instant engagement are great for getting restarted on steep climbs, and the full Power mode is useful for flying up hills.

I managed several lunchtime blasts without recharging and four- or five-hour trail days with battery power to spare. Plugging it in for three hours takes it close to full capacity so that you can get back out again quickly.

Liv has tuned the suspension to suit the lighter-on-average weight of female riders, so the Fox fork and shock are plush and traction-rich yet progressive enough to avoid harsh bottom-outs.

There’s plenty of power from the XT brakes, allowing for easy speed control down steeper descents. At the same time, the aggressive Maxxis rubber offers plenty of grip in slick conditions, boosting confidence on climbs and descents.

Liv Bikes

Liv Intrigue X E+ 1 early verdict

When sized right, the Intrigue is a very capable and immensely fun bike to ride. However, at 5ft 8in/174cm, I am at the top of the recommended height range for the medium frame. The result was a cramped ride feel, which hindered the handling of technical trails. I also found I couldn’t drop the 125mm Seatpost far enough out of the way for descents. The brand does produce a large size, but Liv UK doesn’t offer it, sadly.

The Liv Intrigue X E+ 1 is a great choice for smaller riders and is so much fun to ride that you’ll want to be out at every opportunity. However, taller ladies may be better off looking at the Giant range or elsewhere instead.

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