10 Traits of Highly Motivated People

You know a highly motivated person when you see one. They seem indefatigable in the face of a challenge and possessive of more energy than a pink bunny with a drum…but what exactly are the character traits that help them stay that way? Purpose. Highly motivated people are able comprehend and internalize the bigger picture. […]

7 Deadly Sins That Destroy Motivation and What You Can Do About Them

Feeling like you just can’t rise up and climb uphill to your goal, or even walk at a leisurely pace along a flat path to get there? Here are seven things that may be holding you back. You don’t believe in yourself. You may not be motivated to achieve your goals because deep down inside […]

6 Ideas that Drive Motivation

Motivation can seem to be a mysterious entity—sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. That said, most people do have the motivation to get up out of bed every morning and live life. But what exactly causes them to act? Here are a few theories behind the force that carries us toward our goals. Instinct: […]

6 Hacks to Keep Motivation Going

So you got motivated recently. Maybe you saw an awesome speaker or got a stinging dose of honesty from a friend or family member. But initial motivation often fades…so here are a few ways to keep it going strong. Remember the pain points. In sales lingo, pain points are problems that come about when the […]

6 Tips for Finding Optimism

Optimism…it’s a four syllable word that can be harder to find than diamonds in South Africa. But believe it or not, you too can tap into the earth of your surroundings and dig up a rich store of feel-good. Here are a few ways to do that. 1: Find laughter. These days, it isn’t hard […]

8 Traits of a Great Leader in Any Context

There have been hundreds of thousands of leaders throughout history—and probably millions today, leading in various government and workforce capacities. What are some of the traits that are common to good and effective leaders? Integrity: If a leader isn’t honest and doesn’t adhere to a moral code, how can they willingly expect other people to […]

8 Traits of a Bad Leader in Any Context

Everyone wants to be led by a good leader, but let’s face it—some leaders are just not good. Whether it’s on the battlefield, the sports pitch, or the sales floor, certain qualities are universal about bad leaders; they tend to be… Dismissive. My way or the highway is the attitude of some leaders, but their […]

5 Awesome Leaders throughout History and What Made Them Great

There have been many leaders in history, but here are five whose greatness has stood the test of time. Julius Caesar Caesar is the quintessential ruler and one of the most emulated and celebrated figures in history. A brilliant general, he was also a political mastermind and facilitated the end of the Republic and the […]

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing What Goals to Pursue

If you’ve embraced the wonderful practice of setting goals for yourself, kudos to you—but a new challenge can often arise when we start picking too many goals. Here’s a way to sift through the stars and find which ones to reach for. Think about the biggest picture possible. Sit down for a little reflection, journaling, […]

5 Reasons Setting Goals is Important in Every Area of Life

When it comes to most areas of life, people tend to float around and embrace the idea of whatever happens, happens. But here are 5 reasons why setting goals is important, no matter what you’re talking about, whether it’s work, play, or even relationships. Goals keep you focused. Imagine a ship setting sail without a […]