10 Ways To Implement Self-Care In Your Life

Self-care is often overlooked and pushed aside for more important, more pressing commitments. The truth is that self-care should be a priority. Without it, we cannot function at our optimum and therefore different areas of our life may be detrimentally impacted. The modern lifestyle is a busy one, with individuals often rushing between commitments, however […]

5 Tips For Better Self-Care

It can be difficult to make time for self-care in our busy schedules. We run from one commitment to another, filling every gap in our life with work, study, family and social events. The chaos of modern life makes it even more important that we take the time to care for our individual wellbeing, both […]

4 Self-Care Tips For Extra Busy People

Finding time to invest in self-care can be challenging, especially when you live an extra busy life. When your days are spent bouncing between work, family and social commitments, there can be little time left to catch your breath let alone take time to care for your physical, mental and emotional health. If you are […]

7 Ways to Overcome Self-Defeating Behavior

We tend to think that most opposition comes from around us—a complaining spouse, a controlling boss, a road-raging driver—but rarely do we acknowledge the truth of the matter: we are often our own worst enemies. Here are a few ways to stop self-defeating behavior. 1: Let go of victory. It’s nice to win, but you […]

6 Defense Mechanism You Don’t Even Know That You’re Using

There are some pretty amazing defense mechanisms in nature. Sea slugs squirt out their own intestines to make a veiled escape. Birds like peacocks and turkeys ruffle their feathers. Small animals like bugs and frogs carry poisons and colors on their backs to scare away predators—or punish stubborn ones. But when it comes to people, […]

5 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

When it comes to decluttering your home, there’s a simple solution: put everything on eBay (this is a bit oversimplified, but it’s possible, isn’t it?). Yet, when it comes to decluttering your mind, it’s not really possible to unload your thoughts onto eager internet buyers…or is it? Here are a few ways to declutter your […]

5 Ways to Drive Away Negative Thinking

Remember those scenes from The Exorcist where the priest tries to drive the ghost out of the possessed child? Driving away negative thoughts doesn’t require as much effort, but it can be a pretty serious battle. You can’t just tell them to be gone, but instead, need to develop a longstanding strategy for driving them […]

10 Traits of Highly Motivated People

You know a highly motivated person when you see one. They seem indefatigable in the face of a challenge and possessive of more energy than a pink bunny with a drum…but what exactly are the character traits that help them stay that way? Purpose. Highly motivated people are able comprehend and internalize the bigger picture. […]

7 Deadly Sins That Destroy Motivation and What You Can Do About Them

Feeling like you just can’t rise up and climb uphill to your goal, or even walk at a leisurely pace along a flat path to get there? Here are seven things that may be holding you back. You don’t believe in yourself. You may not be motivated to achieve your goals because deep down inside […]

6 Ideas that Drive Motivation

Motivation can seem to be a mysterious entity—sometimes it’s there, and sometimes it isn’t. That said, most people do have the motivation to get up out of bed every morning and live life. But what exactly causes them to act? Here are a few theories behind the force that carries us toward our goals. Instinct: […]