6 Reasons Why Your Social Media Strategy Is Not Working

Social media is supposed to be the definitive content marketing channel solution, right? But many business owners are discovering it’s easier said than done. Here are a few reasons your social media strategy is not working. You’re not advertising. Yes, social media is free, whereas traditional advertising can cost lots of money. But even so, […]

6 Steps to Making a Content Marketing Strategy that Will Boost Your Business

You may have heard that content is king in this digitally connected age. Here are 6 simple steps to get the ball rolling with some excellent content marketing in your business. Define your goals. You can’t go anywhere without a goal. Set concrete goals for your marketing attempt, such as fortifying your connection with a […]

10 Ways to Make Social Media Posts that Get Engagement

Social Media is a great tool for content marketing, but there are some rules to the game. Check out these 10 suggestions for effective posting that gets engagement. Use a great visuals. The visual content is what will stop people from scrolling through the endless parade of their feed and checking out your post. If […]