The 10 Most Popular Queensland Attractions is a list of the top ten tourist destinations in Queensland. It’s updated every year to reflect changes in popularity and new additions to the list. This list includes everything from beaches, national parks, museums, and more!

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

The Daisy Hill Koala Centre is the perfect place to have an unforgettable day out. Here you can see koalas up close, enjoy bushwalks and mountain bike trails, or go horseback riding.

It’s also home to one of the largest networks of shared trails in south-east Queensland. So whether you want to spin your wheels on a trail or stretch your legs with a walk, there’s something for everyone at this park! Visit Queensland Attractions Now!

Location: Daisy Hill Conservation Park is 25km south-east of Brisbane City, or 50km north of the Gold Coast, via the Pacific Motorway (M1)

Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park

Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park is a hidden gem in Queensland, Australia. Explore the underground world of grand caverns and exquisite limestone formations then explore the savannah landscape dotted with limestone outcrops and discover the region’s fascinating mining heritage.  There are several caves you can explore without a guide. You need to be fit and well-prepared. Carry at least two torches, a first-aid kit, water, and sturdy footwear and go with at least one other person. Visit Queensland Attractions Now! Be prepared to encounter steep slopes, large boulders, low overhangs and uneven loose surfaces. Take care especially after rain! limestone caves, small galleries of Aboriginal rock art, jagged limestone outcrops and an historically significant mining site, this park is rich in natural and cultural heritage. Location: About 215km, or 3hr drive, west of Cairns in North Queensland.

Mount Etna Caves National Park

Mount Etna Caves National Park is a place of natural and cultural significance. It’s home to rare bats, limestone outcrops, decorated caves and dry rainforest patches. The area was once submerged by a shallow sea and has been alternately shaped by, and then starved of, water. Limestone from ancient coral reefs formed the rocky karst landscape that now shelters some of Australia’s most endangered animals. The park is home to more than 80% of Australia’s little bent-wing bat population as well as many other rare species. It also has some of the most beautiful caves in all of Australia. Visit Queensland Attractions Now! Location: Approximately 25km north of Rockhampton

Undara Volcanic National Park

Undara Volcanic National Park is a must-see for all travelers. If you want to explore the natural beauty of this country, then you will be blown away by what this park has to offer. From its beautiful volcanic landscapes and thermal pools, the national park is an unforgettable experience. Make sure that your visit includes hiking the trails and exploring the wildlife there as well! This Undara Volcanic National Park features lush green rainforests, bubbling mud pools and an abundance of wildlife. The park also has some interesting geological features including lava flows, volcanoes, geysers and hot springs. It’s a great place for anyone who wants to get up close with nature in a unique way! Visit Queensland Attractions Now! Location: The park is 300km south-west of Cairns or 420km north-west of Townsville.

Mon Repos Turtle Centre

Mon Repos is a special place. It supports the largest concentration of nesting marine turtles on the eastern Australian mainland and has the most significant loggerhead turtle nesting population in the South Pacific region. pend less on outdoor activities by visiting Mon Repos! It’s a beautiful location with lots of turtles, which are endangered animals. The success of nesting and hatching turtles at Mon Repos is critical for the survival of the endangered loggerhead turtle. And there are many other benefits as well – like saving money! Visit Queensland Attractions Now! Location: On the Woongarra coast, 14km east of Bundaberg

Conondale Range Great Walk

The Conondale Range Great Walk is one of Australia’s most popular hikes, and it offers some incredible views as well as plenty of wildlife sightings. You can also enjoy a picnic at one of the many scenic lookouts along the way! Visit Queensland Attractions Now! This walk is easy to do with an average time commitment for hikers being 3-4 hours. It traverses ancient crumpled and disrupted metamorphic rocks that date back to the Devonian and Carboniferous period—370 to 320 million years ago! You’ll be walking through some of the oldest rock formations on Earth. Location: Conondale National Park, an hour’s drive north-west of the Sunshine Coast and a two-hour drive from Brisbane.

David Fleay Wildlife Park

 David Fleay Wildlife Park is a small wildlife park with a difference! Stroll through the tranquil surroundings to experience some of Queensland’s natural habitats—rainforest to bushland—and meet some of the State’s unique and threatened species. You can enjoy our beautiful, lush gardens while exploring the animal enclosures. We have something for everyone from children to adults. There are plenty of opportunities for hands-on interaction with our animals as well as educational talks and presentations about their conservation status in the wild. Visit Queensland Attractions Now! Location: Corner of West Burleigh Road and Loman Lane in West Burleigh on the Gold Coast—just 15mins from Gold Coast airport, 25mins from Surfers Paradise and 90km south of Brisbane.

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is the perfect destination for families looking for an outdoor adventure. You can enjoy a walk or bike ride, splash out in the water, and encounter native animals all in one spot. It’s also great if you want to spend some time outdoors during wintertime! Visit Queensland Attractions Now! Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is a wildlife park that showcases some of the incredible biodiversity of Queensland. You can explore on your own or join our Park Rangers at the daily feeding sessions (ask for the daily feed schedule when at the Visitor centre). We have reptiles, amphibians, fish and mammals to keep you entertained! Location: Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is located at 60 Mount Nebo Road, Enoggera Reservoir, only 12km from Brisbane’s city centre.

Great Sandy Marine Park

The Great Sandy Marine Park is a marine park in Queensland Attractions. It’s one of the largest coastal parks in the world and it’s home to some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth.  Visit Queensland Attractions Now! You can explore seagrass meadows, mangroves, rocky shores, reefs, sandy beaches, bays and more! There are so many different things to do here that there’s something for everyone. The Great Sandy Marine Park is home to many different species of wildlife and offers many opportunities for recreation such as fishing, boating, diving and more. It’s also one of the few places where you can see dugong! Location: The Great Sandy Marine Park extends from Baffle Creek in the north to Double Island Point in the south. It includes Hervey Bay, Great Sandy Strait, Tin Can Inlet and the waters off the east coast of Fraser Island, seaward to three nautical miles.

Burrum Coast National Park

Burrum Coast National Park is the perfect spot. There are many walking tracks that provide excellent opportunities to explore diverse coastal habitats, including heaths and beaches. You can also enjoy the quiet of this secluded spot with abundant wildlife. Take your time exploring all that this park has to offer – it’s worth it! The Flowering Heaths, Quiet Beaches and Abundant Wildlife make this park a place where you can retreat and relax. This is what we call “The Australian Dream.” Visit Queensland Attractions Now! Location: Burrum Coast National Park is spread over four sections—between 25km and 95km south-east of Bundaberg.